One Single Mobile Workforce Management System for the Entire Utilities Industry

SkillGuard is the global, market-leading mobile workforce management platform, providing a wealth of benefits across supply chains. The UK utilities industry is the latest to benefit with the launch of SkillGuard for Utilities.
This system is designed specifically for you and your sector: employers – large or small, principal contractors and utility clients.
Read on to understand what SkillGuard can offer your company and staff and understand why Thames Water is already on board with its workforce.

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Utility Companies

If your organisation is a utility company with a supply chain delivering work on your behalf, click here to learn how SkillGuard for Utilities could benefit you and your community. 


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Principal Contractors

If your organisation manages sites, projects or contracts then click here to learn how SkillGuard for Utilities could benefit you and find out what you need to do to get started.


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If your organisation employs workers operating in utilities, click here to learn how SkillGuard for Utilities will improve your organisation's efficiency and what steps you need to take to get started.


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Comprehensive Database 

A comprehensive centralised database for the entire industry, holding all necessary information about members of the workforce, regardless of their current location. SkillGuard can hold a wide range of information – all the key data that is needed – from qualifications to occupational health to recent hours worked for fatigue management.

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Up-to-date Record that Moves with the Worker

The worker’s unique record – paired to a secure smartcard – travels with them and is transferable from job to job. This means that as workers go to a new project or site within the industry – even if they change employers – this information can be checked in seconds for rapid authentication.  

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No More Duplication

The portable, trusted worker record can eliminate duplication. No more pointless repetition or time wasted by repeating inductions or other events unnecessarily - just efficient and secure on-boarding and getting to work. Just as importantly, it cuts the risk of allowing access to unqualified people and underpins your sustainability objectives too.

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Major efficiencies at every level

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Up-to-date real-time validation

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Streamline onboarding

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Boost confidence in what you know about the workforce

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Prevent duplication to save time and money

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Make major cost savings across the board

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Targeted messaging direct to individuals

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Full audit functionality

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Improved sustainability

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Reduce plastic with virtual cards

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Set and manage site access requirements

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Be part of a community that helps your company stay ahead

Different names. Same Industry-Leading System. 

At Reference Point, we have been providing major mobile workforce technology for many years. We invest substantial sums annually in our solutions to enable us to keep our clients at the front. An Increasing number of our solutions are now industry-wide platforms, including SkillGuard for Utilities.

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Ready to Get Started?

Step 1: Register Your Company 

Click below to visit SkillGuard for Utilities and register your company. All you need to do is complete a short form - it only takes a few minutes! 

Step 2: You'll be Sent your Login

Once you've registered with SkillGuard for Utilities we will automatically send you your system login along with some useful information to get started. 

Step 3: Sign-up For a Training Webinar

Once you've logged in, you'll be able to reserve your place on one of our training webinars. You'll learn everything you need to get started with SkillGuard for Utilities.